Yeah this one is gross. And if you're about to eat, you might wanna skip it until later.

It's your worst food nightmare come true. And my friends have always joked about it and said stuff like, "Don't send your food back because the chef will spit in it".

Someone caught a Comerica Park food services employee spitting into (on) food he was preparing for customers. In the video, he can be seen spitting on pizza dough before covering it with sauce and then preparing it for customers.

Think about that the next time you want a slice at a Tigers game.

Detroit Sportservice said in a quote that the food stand was closed immediately (Friday night) when they found out via social media & they disposed of all the product.

The employee was terminated. And Detroit police are looking into filing charges.

Some folks caught on camera said they won't be eating pizza, if any food at all, from the park again. And some said it's not really that uncommon. It's part of the risk when eating food that others have prepared for you. It happens and that folks just don't really get caught and it doesn't get publicized.

Well, except for this time.

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