If you have a cat or are a cat fan this will be good news as other states have outlawed the practiced too. According to WILX, State Representative Nate Shannon (D-Sterling Heights) introduced the bill to the house that would ban cat declawing. Rep. Shannon said he wanted to do something now because declawing is still done in the state even though it has a lot negatives and backlash from cat lovers and owners.

Declawing a cat, according to veterinarians, is dangerous and really unnecessary for the cat to live in your home. When a cat is declawed the cat not only loses their nail but also a piece of their bone as well. The procedure is not really needed and most vets won't even do it anymore. But because the procedure is still allowed in the state its not technically illegal, so this bill, if passed, will make it.

You can see more about the law and the procedure here. And coming from a cat owner my whole life, if you don't like your cat having claws, then don't get a cat. Cats claws are their only means of protection and helps cats to walk, jump, and climb easier.

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