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Take a listen to your horoscope with Maria below.

Maria will be live in studio NEXT FRIDAY (10/25) starting at 8 am to take your calls and we'll some Halloween fun with your horoscopes. What will the stars say about you and All Hallows Eve?

Every Friday at about 8:50 AM with Mornings @ Large, you can catch Maria Shaw and your horoscopes. Your outlook for the weekend and the week ahead.

Get your own personal reading with Maria or ask her a question HERE.

Find Maria on Facebook HERE.

Maria is having a Halloween Psychic Fun Fair, Saturday, October 26th, at the Lansing Comfort Inn. There will be 10 to 12 readers. $5 admission with $10-$20 per reading. More details to come and I'm sure we'll have Maria in studio the day before. Details below about setting up a private reading with Maria on the day of the event. Make your appointment now.

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