I feel like I have tried every other kind of egg-themed Easter candy...except for this one and I can't help but wonder, what am I really missing out on?

Look, I get it, I'm an adult woman and if I really wanted a Cadbury Creme Egg I could just go to the store and get myself one but now that I've made it this far without one I really don't feel like I am missing out much.

My personal favorite egg candy is those Whoppers Robin Eggs. I think it has more to do with the cute colors and the hard outer shell but I do really love them.

However, I am lactose intolerant and with Whoppers being "malted milk balls" I have to be careful. On that same note, I also have to have a bit more self control when it comes to chocolate.

See, for some reason (and I'm not sure if this is the lactose intolerance or what) milk chocolate makes my tongue tingle...and not in a fun "Pop Rocks" kind of way. In a concerning "huh, is it swelling?" kind of way.

That's why I usually avoid Cadbury Creme Eggs...what's in the creme? Cream or Creme or however you choose to spell it is literally made out of milk. Are these eggs just milk chocolate shells filled with a sweet, thick milk? If so, that sounds a bit like a nightmare.

However, every year when that "Cadbury Bunny Auditions" commercial comes on, I do consider finally trying one. Especially now that a Michigan mini horse is a finalist (Vote for Blondi)!

Maybe with the rise in popularity of non-dairy milks, creamers, etc. Cadbury will consider making a vegan or at least dairy-free egg. That way it can be enjoyed by more of the masses.

Though, I really don't think they have to worry about a decrease in popularity or sales...so it probably won't happen but I have a hard time believing I'm the only one who has never had one.

So I ask you, are you someone people think are weird because you have never had a Cadbury Creme Egg?

While you ponder that, here are some adorable animals wearing bunny ears that should definitely try out for next year's commercial:

Adorable Pictures of Animals Wearing Bunny Ears

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