I don't know about you but chocolate fixes a majority of my problems. Hungry? Eat a snickers. Having a bad day? Melt a Dove chocolate bar using the fan on your laptop. The last one's oddly specific because I did it once.

I was having a terrible day so I went and grabbed some chocolate and wanted it to be slightly melted, so I melted it using the fan on my laptop while I worked. Of course I forgot about it and it ended up being a pile of mush. Do you think that stopped me from eating? Nope. I licked that chocolate wrapper clean. I looked like Augustus from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory by the time I was done. Not my proudest moment, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

There was a survey on YouGov asking people what their favorite chocolate-covered item was and caramel was number one on the list. Chocolate-covered nuts came in second and toffee was third.

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What I can't seem to wrap my head around is chocolate-covered coconut was more popular than fruit. One of my surprise gifts I received was an edible arrangement because it came with a ton of chocolate-covered fruit. I don't even dig strawberries but I'll eat them if there's chocolate on them.

Is your sweet-tooth aching now? Here's some places to get delicious sweets in the Lansing area.

Gilbert Chocolates 

1982 W Grand River Ave # 149, Okemos

Fabiano's Candies

1427 E Michigan Ave, Lansing

Rocket Fizz

2981 Preyde Blvd, Lansing

Peanut Shop

117 S Washington Square, Lansing

Edible Arrangement

300 N Clippert St Suite 11, Lansing

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