So, if you saw my post yesterday, you probably know that I was super stoked about getting a donut today for National Donut Day. From last evening until I came into work today, that's all I could think about - getting my hands (and mouth) on a donut.

There are typically donuts around the office all throughout the week, so I figured I'd be able to snag one when I got to work. Little did I know... THERE WERE NO DONUTS AT WORK. *gasp* I know, first world problems... but I was really craving a donut and I figured I wouldn't need to stop anywhere because there are donuts at work all.the.time. Sadly, no donuts are here today to satisfy my glaze-induced thirst.

I was in the lobby venting my hanger induced madness when my co-workers Max and Jaymie overheard my not-so-dulcet-tones, and they whole-heartedly agree with me. Check out the video below to see how we, and others, really feel. Plus you'll get a peek at hangry Kristen... You wouldn't like me when I'm hanrgy...

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