If you have been working from home for the last week or so, you may have noticed there are several things you can do at home that you couldn't do at the office. Some of the things that you do currently while working at home could never be done at the office, some you may have noticed and some you probably haven't so let's break them down.

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  • simona pilolla 2 // Shutterstock
    simona pilolla 2 // Shutterstock

    Being Extremely Comfortable

    In the office you sit at a desk or in an office and it's probably the same every day. When you work from home you can sit on the couch, bed, the floor, wherever because its your place and you can be as comfy as you want.

  • Daisy-Daisy

    Play Whatever Music You Want

    This is another good thing about working from home because you can play whatever music you want without offending anyone else you work with cause it's just you.

  • SIphotography

    Make Your Work Schedule

    Now I don't mean sleeping until 2pm then working all night, no what I mean is working your usual hours but taking breaks when you want. An example is if you start at 9 AM and take noon lunch breaks when you work, now you can start at 9 AM, then take a break at 11 AM for lunch or 1 PM, whenever you feel like it, as long as you finish your work.

  • Jani Bryson
    Jani Bryson

    Eat Whatever You Want

    Fish lover this will make you happy! You can now eat that stinky piece fish from dinner last night cause you won't make your office smell and have others you work with complain at you. Plus you can use working at home to eat healthier cause you aren't under time limit to run back to your desk or to a meeting.

  • Mirjana Zidar // Shutterstock
    Mirjana Zidar // Shutterstock

    Your Pets Can Work With You

    Yay I'm happy about this because I have a dog and two cats who are very happy to spend the day near me or on me while I work. I'm sorry if your animals are too clingy cause they may walk all over your computer too, so just be aware of that.

  • Karl Weatherly
    Karl Weatherly

    You Can Wear What You Want

    If you aren't allowed to wear casual clothes at the office this might make you very happy. Grab those pajama pants and a comfy shirt, then grab those slippers cause there is no reason to wear a suit while working at home. Just make sure whatever shirt you wear isn't too offensive cause you might be on a video conference one day.

  • Wavebreak Media
    Wavebreak Media

    Having Extra Time

    Without having to commute to work you save probably 15-30 minutes a day, but you also save a lot of time not having to get ready in the morning. On average people take 30 mins to get ready for the day but since you are staying home use that time to sleep more or wake up in the morning.

  • Couple relaxing on beach
    Couple relaxing on beach

    Enjoy The Outside More

    I know we aren't allowed to go many places, but you can still take a walk or just stand outside on the patio or deck for a bit to relax during the day. Usually if you were in the office you would probably be staring outside waiting to leave, now you can enjoy the outside or even work outside or in the backyard.

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