Due to the coronavirus, I didn't want to risk waiting in line to vote this year so I applied to vote absentee and it turned out to be very easy.

A while back I was sent an application to vote absentee so I thought why not, we are in a pandemic and it seems much safer.

I was very surprised by how easy the state of Michigan made the process and how detailed and simple the instructions were.

I received my mail-in ballot a few weeks back and like my taxes I once again procrastinated and waited with only five days left to get that baby in the mail.

I forgot to fill it out before I went on vacation but last night I finally sat down and opened up the package. It was a little intimidating at first because the package was so thick but once I opened it, there was really not that much there. The package was thick because of the type paper the ballot is on.

The paper work was packaged very nicely with the instructions on top, followed by the secrecy envelope, then the ballot and the return envelope.

The instructions were very clear and simple to understand. The ballot itself was very easy to read and if you had any questions, the information provided your local person of contact and everything you need to reach out to them if you have a question.

There were a few strict rules like not splitting the ticket (you know, vote for each person running for a position), if you mess up, you need to get a new one from your township and finally to make sure and sigh your envelope that you mail back in. This one is very important because if you don't sign the envelope, your ballot gets thrown out.

The signature portion on the envelope is very well marked and obvious, you can't miss when you seal the envelope.

I popped into my local post office this morning and they assured me that my vote for the primary August 4 would be there no later than August 1.

The best way you can use your rights as an American citizen is to vote and voting by mail couldn't be easier and it will be how I vote in all future elections. The best part is, now I don't have to get up extra early to make it to the polls before work and I won't have to wait in line in a crowd while there is a pandemic going on.

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