Michigan State University has it's fair share of haunted spots...and this is one where you wouldn't expect anything ghostly to happen.....but some say there is definitely something paranormal going on here.

The gardens of MSU seem to hold otherworldly spirits...or something.

Beal Botanical Garden is a gorgeous place to visit, but visitors claim they have heard disembodied screams & wails coming from within from the garden areas. Other students have witnessed ghostly apparitions walking through the grounds...and literally THROUGH the grounds.

And just a few blocks away at the Old Horticulture Garden, it's more of the same: moans, screams, wails & groans emanate from somewhere within the gardens, mostly at night but they've also been heard at any hour of the day. Not only that, but students claim to have seen what they feel may be the apparitions of former male students from the 1920's or 1930's, walking through the garden, dressed in the old-fashioned clothing of that time.

Across West Circle Drive near Beaumont Tower is an area called "Sleepy Hollow" that was once part of Beal Botanical Garden. This area is noted as being a prehistoric site dating back at least 3,500 years. While excavating that site, archaeologists discovered artifacts & refuse from MSU's old 1800's campus...including human hair. It's believed by many that the spirits of former professors walk through the area on their way to their former classrooms & offices.....also, the ghosts of former students are believed to be walking the grounds looking for their old classrooms & dorms that no longer exist.

The fact that dense fog seems to linger longer than usual in the area adds to the paranormal beliefs.

These gardens are beautiful, but at the same time, they hold time captive for these former MSU residents who don't wanna leave; they obviously have a fondness for the campus. See photo gallery above for pictures of the gardens and map locations.

Stroll the gardens for yourself sometime....at dusk, maybe? You just might come across someone dressed in 1920's attire; you'll turn to look at 'em and they'll be gone. They're only lost souls who aren't ready to cross over yet.....


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