Michigan State is asking anyone that has seen Stink bugs in their home or apartment recently to tell Michigan State researchers as they are trying to combat the bugs from ruining crops.

The brown stink bug has been spotted in Michigan since 2010 and can be identified by their black and white pattern around their mid-section, white bands on dark antennae, along with them being stinky if you crush them (don't do smush them!). The bugs are 0.5- by 0.625-inch and their bodies have a distinct shield-shape to them.

Stink bugs typically show up around this time of year and they looking for shelter before winter comes. They also don't feed on animals or pets and only feed on plants, which is the reason for Michigan State researchers to be so keen on finding where they shack up.

To get rid of them from your home seal up all cracks around doorways and windows. And Again: DONT KILL these bugs cause your house will stink for days. To kill them without stinking up your house, catch them in a bottle or cup with some water and the bugs will fall right in and not be able to get out as Stink bugs cannot swim.

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