Michigan State University recently made it onto a "Top 10" list-icle... and no, it's not for couch burning... it's for LOVE!

College Magazine recently listed MSU as one of the "Top 10 Schools for Falling In Love". Michigan State is sittin' pretty at number seven and joining us among the ranks include Duke University, Harvard, Pamona College, and a few others. I'd like to take a moment to note that no other Michigan school made the cut!

One of the reasons that got MSU on the list? Beaumont Tower! The article describes how Beaumont Tower has a kind of lure that "beckon[s] lovers to kiss in its shadow". And apparently, legend states that kissing under the shadow of Beaumont Tower makes you a true Spartan and destined to marry your sweetheart. Excuse me, I'll be right back... I've got some smoochin' to do! lol

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