No matter how old or young you are you can still see and learn about all things Science and STEAM at the MSU Science Festival running from April 5th - 20th. The MSU Scifest team invites you to "Unraveling the Mysteries" for their 7th annual MSU Science Festival. There will be 200 activities, events, shows, and discussions that will dazzle, educate, and inform, reaching beyond science to include technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). In addition the Science Festival will show how STEAM plays an important role in shaping our future and everyday lives.

Some of the things that you can enjoy at the MSU Science Festival are "Nights at the Museum". The "Night at the Museum" will be taking place at several sites all over Lansing and East Lansing like; Impression 5, MSU Broad Art Museum, Potter Park Zoo, and more. You can see the "Night at the Museum" Schedule here.  

Next, there are also nightly "Statewide Astronomy Nights" which will give you the opportunity to take part in a number of astronomy-related activities and planetarium shows, free of charge, that are suitable for any age. You can see the "Statewide Astronomy Nights" schedule here. 

There are activities and events every night from April 5th - 20th, and you can check out the signature events, and search through all of the MSU Science Festival events here. 

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