Michigan State Homecoming is this week, and there have been events all week but this weekend will have the biggest ones so here are some last minute details.

First off the parade. This is the biggest or second biggest event of the week, with the football game on Saturday being equally as big, but this will bring a lot more road closures and traffic with it. Anyway, the Homecoming Parade will take place this Friday, beginning at 6 PM. The parade will start at the Abbot-Burcham intersection and travel south on Abbot Road, east on Grand River Avenue, south on Farm Lane and finally end at the intersection of Farm and Shaw lanes. So if you usually take any of these roads home, you may want to avoid them as they will be closed for most of the day.

Next, to go along with the parade, there are several road closures. Also, unless otherwise noted, these streets and intersections will be closed on Friday from 2:30 PM to 7 PM. Also, if you use any streets that intersect or turn off of the streets below, then some of those may be closed too.

  • Abbot Road, between Oxford Road/Whitehills Drive and Burcham Drive, as well as between Burcham Drive and Grand River Avenue, from 5:30-7:15 PM.
  • Burcham Drive, between Old Hickory Lane and Abbot Road, from 3-7:15 PM.
  • Grand River Avenue, between Abbot Road and the Collingwood Drive entrance to the MSU campus, from 5:30-7:15 PM.
  • Centerlawn Avenue, from Forest Street to Abbot Road
  • Evergreen Avenue, from Centerlawn Avenue to Northlawn Avenue
  • Forest Street, from Centerlawn Avenue to Northlawn Avenue
  • Fern Street, from Evergreen Avenue to Abbot Road.
  • Northlawn Avenue, from Forest Street to Abbot Road.

You can see the full map of the Homecoming Parade here, from WLNS.

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