This isn't great news and I'm sorry but you will still have a few more days to grab some ice cream. According to the MSU Dairy Store's Facebook, they are pausing operations at their store on the Michigan State campus and the plant as well. The reasons for their pausing of operations are that Michigan State campus is pretty empty with school not in session and because of the economy. In their post they say,

"We look forward to resuming operations, when economic conditions permit us to do so in a more sustainable manner."

They are still open as long as their supplies last, which might not be for long. I was just there last weekend and they did have a dozen or so different flavors in pints but not all of them. I was trying to get my hands on a pint of S'mores but they only had it in scoops, so I got a few scoops (as well as few other pints). I'm glad I went when I did, so if you have a favorite flavor like: Buckeye Blitz, Mint Chocolate, Cow Tracks, or S'mores you might want to head on down.

They will be open from 9am - 8pm until September 14th. They could close earlier due to supply and like I mentioned above some flavors might not be available for long. You can see their full post below.

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