So if you are looking to adopt a dog, cat, puppy, or kitten then this might be the time as animal shelters in our area are full. According to WILX, Jackson County and Ingham County Shelters have reached their limit on animals in the shelter and are asking if you are looking to adopt a pet or get another one that this might be the time to do it.

The reasons for the shelters reaching their capacity is mostly because of strays, people dropping off animals and not picking them up or having to give up their animals. But one of the biggest reasons is that it is kitten season. So make sure that you are spaying and neutering your pets as this accounts for much of the reason that shelters are over crowded.

In addition, most shelters will let you adopt pets without a pet adoption fee or a reduced rate so again if you and your family are looking for another furfriend this could be the time to adopt one.

Check out the Jackson Shelter animals to adopt here.

Check out the Ingham County Animals to adopt here. 

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