During the warmer months, humane societies, pet shelters, and the like often see an influx of animals. It's during this time that you've probably also heard the phrase "kitten season". They aren't kidding when it comes to the number of kittens being born this time of year. Because of this massive influx of animals, shelters often become overcrowded and end up having to turn away intakes. That's why events like Empty the Shelters are so important.

Empty the Shelters

Empty the Shelters is an event powered by the Bissell Pet Foundation. It's actually "the nation's largest funded adoption event", and the whole purpose is to do exactly what the foundation's name states; to empty the shelters and find loving forever homes for all the pets that need one.

It works like this; You want to adopt a new, furry family member? Excellent. You've got puppies, kittens, and full-grown dogs and cats to choose from. Once you've selected the new addition to your home, Bissell helps out by covering some of the adoption costs to make it more affordable. At the end of the day, no one will pay more than $50 and local licensing fees to adopt an animal.

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If you've ever wanted a pet, and you have room enough in your heart and home for an adorable cat or dog, this would be an excellent time to do so. The Empty the Shelters event runs through the end of July.

According to the Bissell Pet Foundation's website, there are a few mid-Michigan shelters that are participating in the Empty the Shelters event;

Check out other locations across Michigan, HERE.

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