As we wade our way fully into summer, one thing I look forward to is planning all the fun day trips we can make for just a quick weekend away.

Sure, Michigan is full of tons of awesome beach towns and great places to visit but, hear me out here, what about Ohio?

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Yes, I Said Ohio

I get it, we here in Michigan like to give Ohio a hard time but really, if you are looking for a change in scenery only a short(ish) drive away, there is plenty to do there!

They have Cedar Point, there's the Toledo Zoo, it's the closest state you can go get a Yuengling and there's Cleveland.

Why did I feel the need to add Cleveland to the mix?

Well, for my birthday in August this year, I really want to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which is in Cleveland and I thought it would be fun to get an Airbnb downtown with some friends and family and spend the weekend exploring.

Little did I know my request would be meant with "Why Cleveland!?"

So, Why Cleveland?

Have you LOOKED at how much fun stuff there is to do? If you are looking for more of a city life kind of experience that you can not only enjoy sports, museums, night life and all kinds of other attractions then Cleveland just might be a great trip for you.

See for yourself:

Things To Do In Cleveland, Ohio

Sure, you could make it a daytrip but you'll probably need a whole weekend to make sure you get the full experience.

So Who's In?

I don't know about you but after exploring and researching all of the awesome things you can do and clicking around on Google Street View, I am even more gun-ho than ever to get to Cleveland!

Any Michigander looking for a short trip away from the Mitten should definitely come with me...or we could go separately, especially if we want to stay at the "A Christmas Story" house.

Nevertheless, while Ohio does have some redeeming qualities, Michigan is still better.

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