So, the question is, what should you do if they appear in your mailbox?

People across the country, including here in Michigan, are receiving some strange packages in the mail, and it's not something cool from Amazon - they're seeds, and the return address is across the pond in China.

Michigan's state plant regulatory official Robin Rosenbaum says that she has fielded more than 20 calls about the seeds since last week and, while they don't have an official number of people who have received them, she told the Detroit Free Press that her colleagues have received calls as well.

"The seeds are usually sent in white packages displaying Chinese lettering and the words 'China post,'" the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) said in a press release. "Most recipients say they did not order anything, and that the packaging was labeled as jewelry."

MDARD is warning Michiganders NOT to open or plant any seeds that you might receive in the mail, as they could be invasive species, harmful to livestock, or introducing disease to the local plants.

So, what the heck is going on? MDARD is suspecting that it's part of a brushing scam, where vendors send you their product (when you clearly didn't request it) and then use your information to post positive reviews about their products.

MDARD is advising that, if you receive these seeds in the mail, do NOT throw them out - call 800-292-3939 or email at

C'mon, China. 2020 is already tough enough without a weird scam.

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