We all know, and probably experienced, disruptions in our mail service back in 2020. However, is it still happening in 2021 or is there something fishy happening just at USPS locations in Jackson?

What's the Deal With Our Mail?

I might just be going full-Charlie Kelly (shoutout "Always Sunny" fans) over here trying to figure out just what has been going on with our mail at our new home in Jackson.

First, there was some sort of issue with our mailbox where the door to it was tough to close and open, it would often get stuck. Our mail carrier left us a note about it and did say if it was not fixed, they would not be delivering our mail until it was.

My boyfriend promptly fixed it and it seemed to be all fine and dandy for a few days; however, that was all. From then on, for the next few weeks, we no longer were getting our mail...at one of the most inconvenient times.

We were in the process of moving, changing our mailing address, and I was awaiting my new ID since I had renewed it on the 9th of August and still am having to use my voided one with the paper attached, now almost a whole month later.

Trying to Find Answers

I know what you're probably thinking, "what does any of this have to do with COVID?"

We're getting there, I promise.

As we are expecting more and more mail to be delivered and settling into our new home, my boyfriend called the post office, had to go through the robotic voice system, selected the "I'm not getting my mail" option...only for the machine to tell him that they were experiencing backlogs and delays due to COVID.

It seemed strange but we figured our next option was to just go to the post office in person and get whatever mail we were supposed to have gotten. That was our plan...until the next day we had a handwritten note from our mail person saying thanks for fixing the mailbox and that the reason we hadn't gotten our mail was due to them being on vacation...but my boyfriend's family who live on the same side of our same street had no problems getting theirs.

This is not to criticize or speak negatively about the person and people who deliver our mail by any means but...what is REALLY going on here!?

Looking at USPS Information

When you look at their Service Alerts for Residential Customers, this is where they update any service disruptions for various states...Michigan is not even an option, which I assume to mean there are no notable disruptions to report.

See, it's not that I don't believe either of the reasons we were told for our missing mail...I'm just very confused and my inquisitive nature won't let me let this go.

My only other option to turn to is all of you.

Have you been experiencing any mail disruptions, delays or just not getting any for weeks on end? What reasons have you heard?

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