With the terrible attack at Ohio State University on Monday, officials at Michigan State University and the campus police are reviewing the campus-wide alert system it uses during emergencies.

On Tuesday, police sent a notice to students and staff reminding them what to do if there's an active shooter or attack on campus. The Michigan State police use the system to both warn students and let them know what to do in different emergencies, as it was used earlier this year after the Ammonia spill near the Munn Ice Arena.

The Michigan State police are looking to make it better for students such as to give them updates on the what is happening or what was done at Ohio St a few days ago in that it told students to "Run, Hide, Fight", which was said to be the best option in saving lives and ending the situation.

You can sign up for the Campus Alert System here, even if you aren't a student cause its for the community. I live in Lansing and even though I'm a few miles from the campus I still signed up cause its always nice to keep yourself safe.