If you own a Hyundai you're entitled to a free anti-theft device compliments of the Michigan State Police. Actually it's compliments of the Hyundai Motor America who are the ones who have generously donated these devices for the police to give out for free to those in Michigan who own and operate a Hyundai. But ONLY Hyundai owners. Why is that?

I remember these devices being a huge hit in the early 90s, when I would see hundreds of parked cars all fashioned with THE CLUB. Ya, because the rich suburb of Rochester Hills is such a crime riddled mess. But sarcasm aside, the device itself did help drive potential car thieves away from the vehicles fitted with them. So why are ONLY Hyundai owners getting them?

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Targeting Those Hyundai Cars

ABC12 reported that apparently there are people who are coordinating the theft of Hyundai vehicles through social media and corresponding their efforts through that platform. The thefts have been targeted towards makes and models before 2021 that weren't equipped with engine immobilizers. This was when anti-theft technology wasn't stock in their vehicles, which is why these are an easy target.

Thefts in Kalamazoo

Recent data shows that Kalamazoo has the 5th most stolen vehicles of any city in Michigan, with Wayne being the top spot. Luckily for us those numbers were below 1,000 but it's still not a good figure you want to take a top spot in.

Battle Creek on the other hand was substantially lower than Kalamazoo, having only recently been home to 178 total car thefts. Strange considering many people claim it to be one of the most crime riddled cities in the state.

If Hyundai owners want to claim their free device they can get them at any Michigan State Police post from 8 am until 4 pm Monday through Friday.

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