With all of this warm weather, it has officially become the season to be outside!

Take a hike and enjoy all of Michigan's beauty.

With all of the different landscapes that Michigan has to offer, there are several beautiful areas to see.

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Besides the beaches and forest, there are plenty of breathtaking waterfalls to see.

I am planning to see at least five to ten of the waterfalls in Michigan before winter rolls back around.

Planet Ware
Planet Ware

It will be my own little Michigan waterfalls tour.

You can join me!

Michigan's website says that there are

more than 300 waterfalls in Michigan.

So, there is plenty of waterfalls to choose from.

Plus, waterfalls make the perfect background for a picture to share on social media.

Planet Ware
Planet Ware

Join me on my Michigan waterfall tour!

Before you pick your first waterfall to see, check down below to see which are the best of the best.

12 Jaw-Dropping Waterfalls To Visit This Summer In Michigan

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