If your initial reaction to the headline "Michigan is One of the Top 10 Friendliest States" was skepticism, that's understandable. It probably depends on which part of the state you live that dictates your perspective.

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Are people from Michigan friendly?

Having a sense of pride for the place you call home is common, but it turns out people of Michigan are perceived as some of the "friendliest" by the publication "Have Clothes, Will Travel." Does that mean all Michiganders? Kinda.

Specifically, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is credited with people being "generally polite, kind and willing to help others." That's on brand for our U.P. neighbors, but what about the rest of the Mitten?

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Michiganders are genuinely nice depending on the situation.

Maybe we should qualify some specific ways people are or are not friendly in Michigan:

  • Uber or Lyft drivers carting you around, yes.
  • Drivers alongside you on I-75 around Flint, Detroit or Saginaw? Probably not.
  • Drivers alongside you on I-96 in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo or Lansing? Probably not.
  • Farmer in a combine alongside you on a country road, yes.
  • Neighbor in person (over the fence or at a BBQ), yes.
  • Neighbor as "anonymous group participant" in the Facebook Group, no.
  • Parents in person at school, yes.
  • Parents on the little league baseball or soccer field, no.
  • Talking politics, no. (Most people don't listen to each other or bother being reasonable anymore.)
  • Server at your table in a restaurant, mostly yes.
  • Door Dasher delivering at night, and you didn't turn on the porch light, no.

If anything, we're human. We can always find ways to be nicer to each other and should.

When challenged, most Michiganders will be honest, but kind(er) to your face. (I'd take that over an angry keyboard warrior any day.) Like our kindergarten teachers always say: treat others the way you want to be treated.

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