A Michigan man saw a woman in distress off of I-94 and pulled over to help. But his gut instincts probably helped to keep him out of some trouble!

JJ Hadyniak posted the story (warning) on his Facebook page. it's gone viral. And it's the stuff of urban legend. You might want to even check to see if it's real on Snopes.

JJ (who is a mechanic) pulled over to help a young lady off of I-94 near Belleville Road. She appeared to be having trouble with a flat tire. Problem was, when JJ pulled over he noticed the trunk was not open, there was no plate on the car, there was no jack, and the young lady was just holding the tire iron. He had a bad gut feeling and thought things just didn't add up. So he shined a flashlight on her and the vehicle. And just shy of her and the vehicle ( a few feet on the side of the road), he saw what he says was a may laying in the grass. They took off once he spotted him.

He shared his story on his FB page and it's gone viral very quickly. He just wanted to warn people to be careful and to be aware of their surroundings. His story has been picked up by several tv stations and has been shared over 900 times.

(Video & Source: WILX)

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