The masses have spoken. But before you get to tokin' (see how we did that), let's get some facts straight before you take to the streets for a full on, all out bake off (again, we're on a roll).

Michigan has become the 10th state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the country (56% to 44%).  Now what's next?


Ten days after the election results are certified, which should be by early December. But marijuana won’t be commercially available for sale until probably early 2020, in part because the state must still put regulations in place and issue licenses for recreational sales. (Detroit Free Press)


No, you cant's just blaze up in public without any consequences. They're still working all the details out.

“There is no public consumption and no driving under the influence and there will be no commercial sales until businesses are licensed and approved,” said Josh Hovey, spokesman for the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol. Police will still be able to arrest people they suspect are driving under the influence of marijuana or if they’re lighting up in public.

Also, you have to be 21 and up to have up to 2.5 ounces of pot on your person or up to 10 ounces in your home, most of which will have to be locked up. And you can grow — but not sell — up to 12 plants in your home for personal use.

And if you do grow it at your house, there's more.

Under the proposal, marijuana plants cannot be visible from a public place "without the use of binoculars, aircraft, or other optical aids or outside of an enclosed area equipped with locks or other functioning security devices that restrict access to the area."

If you're not growing it, where can you get it?

Well, they have up to a year to figure that out.

The ballot proposal calls for the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to take up to a year to develop the rules and regulations that will govern the recreational marijuana industry in the state before it begins accepting applications for recreational licenses. (Detroit Free Press)

And just a friendly reminder. You can still be fired if your place of work has a zero tolerance drug policy and landlords can still make it a no no on their property be it smoking or growing of the devil's lettuce.

Bottom line, this just got approved by the public. It's gonna take some time before everything is in place. You've waited this long. Just a little longer so you can do it legally is right around the corner. Until then and everything is ironed out, some of the stuff you might want to do when it comes to pot might not be legal YET. So chill. And get some snack. Lots and lots of snacks.


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