Ugh deer are everywhere. You've probably seen them or have hit one, like I did last year, and that's why Michigan made the Top 10 in deer crashes. This is according to State Farm, which ranked Michigan #8 with your chance of hitting a deer listed as 1 in 80. The state with the most likelihood to hit a deer was West Virginia. They've actually been #1 on the list for the last 12 years. The least likely states to hit a deer are California and they even have deer in Hawaii?

Anyway, there is some good news with this year's numbers. The annual report, which is using 2017-18 numbers, says that the number of deer-related car accidents has actually decreased slightly over the last year. That is a good thing to see, but it doesn't help my car's bumper which got a little screwed up because of a deer jumping in front of my car earlier this year. You can see the top 10 here.

Plus more analysis from State Farm here. 

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