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Do you enjoy a good scary movie? Have you ever found yourself screaming at the t.v./movie screen "OH MY GOD, YOU ARE SO DUMB, YOU NEVER SPLIT UP!!!" Or, perhaps you've thought to yourself "I could totally survive this horror movie"? If any of these scenarios sounds familiar to you, you may want to get your spot for this weekend's Michigan Fear Camp.

The Michigan Fear Camp is going to be like a haunted house experience, but on steroids. The Lansing State Journal explains the whole concept of the camp; In 1991, a dozen camp counselors go missing in the midst of preparing the grounds for campers. Parents show up the next day to drop their kids off to camp, and are welcomed by the sole surviving camp counselor who is shouting tales of "deformed attackers, bloodthirsty children, torture, cannibalism and murder." The camp was then closed and no other counselors were found. But not to worry, this story (which should sound vaguely familiar to you if you've seen ANY of the Friday the 13th movies) is just the backstory used for this weekend's thrilling experience. 

Camp Hatchet, the name of this fictitious horror "camp", opens this Saturday for "campers" to come and try to find their way to safety, and in the process get scared sh**less. There were three groups available for campers to choose from (the third and most terrifying option is already sold out), but options one and two are still open for purchase. Group One: The Frighten Easily Group ("Your tent is your safe zone. You can venture out into the woods if you are feeling up for it but can always retreat back to your tent."). Or, Group Two: The I Want To Be Scared Group ("You may be touched but not dragged. You will be scared but probably not crying."). The whole event will take place in a mystery spot in Mt. Morris, surrounded by 40 acres of woods, and will last 12 hours. If you think you have what it takes to survive a blood curdling night at Camp Hatchet, get your tickets HERE!

Do you think you could hold your own? I think I could survive the Group 2 option, but probably not Group 3... What group do you think you could handle? Or, if you already have your tickets, what group are you in? Let me know on Facebook or in the comments below!

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