Craft beers and breweries are very popular, but have you wondered what the most popular breweries are? And are any of them in Michigan? Actually, one of Michigan's most popular and famous breweries is also a favorite around the nation.

If you are wondering how this was found it wasn't by me but by They pulled the data on every craft brewery in the U.S. looking at four factors to determine the most popular: number of Facebook followers, number of Instagram followers, Yelp score, and number of Yelp reviews. After they went through all of it they made their Top 150 Breweries all around the U.S. and even broke it down by state. After looking at the list, a Michigan Brewery doesn't come in the Top 10 but does in the Top 20 with Bell's Brewery. But coming in at the top spot is New Belgium Brewing Co. Founded in 1991 in Colorado and now distributed nationwide. Also coming in the Top 5 are: Goose Island Brewery, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.

Even though Bell's Brewery doesn't come in the Top 5, just coming in the Top 20 is a pretty big feat as the site analyzed over 2,200 breweries. Below you can see the Top 5 in Michigan.


1. Bell's Brewery, Inc.
2. New Holland Brewing Co.
3. Short's Brewing Co.
4. The Mitten Brewing Co.
5. Dark Horse Brewing Co.

You can see the whole list and more analysis here.

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