If you are looking to put the "fat" in "Fat Tuesday", head on out to this Grand Rapids brewery for their celebratory burger.

Alger Heights’ Brass Ring Brewing, as reported by MLive, is offering a Paczki burger you can get now through Tuesday, February 25th.

Reminiscent of the latest and greatest, KFC Chicken and Donuts sandwichthe burger, uses the traditional jelly-filled Polish treat as the buns, two beef patties in the middle, along with cheddar cheese, bacon and black pepper aioli spread.

While the burger already sounds like one you may want to eat using a fork and knife, Chris Gibbons, owner and brewer, says it is surprisingly worth it.

“The sweetness of the bun is surprisingly compatible with the savory salt and pepper patties, Gibbons said. "It works well."

Along with the burger, Gibbons and his chef Alex Ewigleben also came up with an entire Mardi Gras-themed menu including New Orleans favorites like beignets and a Muffaletta sandwich.

So if you are looking to go all-out for Mardi Gras this year, head on out to Brass Ring Brewing in Alger Heights where you can also purchase tickets for a “New Orleans jazz” performance from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday.

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