Recently my boyfriend and I were talking about taking a break from how crazy busy life has been lately and heading up north for a "Pure Michigan" fall color tour.

We tried to keep one of our only "open" weekends open to be able to take off for the weekend, away from everyone, turn off our phones and just get lost in the beautiful fall colors...however, our weekend filled up and we won't be able to go.

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Once we decided we would plan ahead for next year, it seemed like everyone we talked to is talking about going up to the Traverse City area in the next few weekends. More specifically, they talk about the "Tunnel of Trees".

ICYMI: What is Michigan's Tunnel of Trees?

Located in Emmet County, Michigan, shares that the Tunnel of Trees is formed along the approximately 27.5 miles along M-119 that is a winding, narrow road lined by Hardwood and Evergreen trees.

Image Courtesy of Google Maps
Image Courtesy of Google Maps

What makes it so special is these trees have created something like a "ceiling" over the road, hence why they call it a "tunnel."

It is especially a destination in the fall as you are surrounded by gorgeous color as you drive from Harbor springs to Cross Village (the part of M-119 with the actual tunnel).

While people do say it is pretty busy and we have heard you can't expect to go very quickly through the tunnel, it is still a sight to behold and there are plenty of cute shops and places to stop off along the way.

When You Should Go

If you are going in the fall, you're probably going to see some incredible fall color, right?

That's why you should probably go during "peak color" in that region of Michigan!

According to MLive, "Peak Color" predictions for the northern Lower Penninsula is October 3rd through the 10th.

However, they do note that it will probably be closer to the latter date and for more coastal areas (like Emmet County), the time could vary by about a week later.

Basically, if you are planning to go up and experience Tunnel of Trees, you should probably do it over the first two weekends in SOON!

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Have You Been Before?

As someone who has never been but has heard great things and seen some incredible pictures, I would love to know what your experience was like!

Let us know, send us your photos, your stories, your videos, anything you've got and we can share it with others who have yet to see the magic and convince them to go too.

"Happy Fall, Y'all!"

Here's a look at the Tunnel of Trees last year (2020):

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And another fall color tour you can take in the Southern part of the state:

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