As we gear up for the Memorial Day weekend, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is trying to prepare for the surge of tourism and activity at state parks. Normally, it wouldn't be an issue or the topic of discussion but this year they're asking that you pick up after yourself while spending time at Michigan's parks.

According to ABC 12, a shortage of short-term and seasonal workers at over 100 sites in the Michigan State Parks system, including Seven Lakes State Park in Holly, could affect the experience for some visitors.

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Regardless of the shortage, state parks will remain open but they are asking that you pick up after yourself. It's pretty sad that grown adults have to be told to clean up after themselves but some people are pigs and leave their trash all over the place.

DNR Parks and Recreation Division Chief Ron Olson:

If they have an outing, picnic or barbecue or camping or whatever to make sure they do their part to pick up after themselves. We call it leave no trace, meaning leave the area better than you found it.

Normally around this time of year, the DNR's workforce is solid with 1,300 temporary employees but that's just not the case this year. So far they've only been able to hire around 800 people.

If you're looking for a summer job with flexible hours and love being in the great outdoors, apply to be a seasonal park worker at one of Michigan state parks and state harbors.

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