There are already two dozen or so cases of measles, even though Michigan has been fighting it. According to Michigan Health Officials, there are 8 new cases of the virus in Oakland County, as of April 2nd, and it brings the total number of people that have contacted the virus at 30.

Even though there are 30 cases, 29 out of 30 of them are in Oakland County and one in Wayne county.  So just because the the virus isn't in Ingham county, health officials are making sure anyone traveling to Oakland or Wayne county knows that virus is in there and that you should get vaccinated. The measles virus was first contacted here by someone traveling from out of the country and landing in the Detroit airport. The virus has been spread to 15 others states and the people that are contacting the virus are from the ages of 1 - 60.

The measles virus is easily treatable if you contact it as having the vaccination can cure you of measles at a 94% rate. Health officials are saying that the recent measles outbreak is because sick people are traveling from out of the country and also people aren't getting vaccinated, as this is the best way to fight and get over the virus. You can see more about the outbreak here. 

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