Look, I totally get these major summer road projects take time and we all have to deal with it at some point, but PLEASE, make this one on Shirley Drive in Jackson quick.

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Not the First to Point Out It's Inconvenient

I'm not going to lie, I don't think I ever really knew that road even existed until I moved back to Jackson and realized it is one of the best shortcuts to get to my house from in town so I can avoid the other construction traffic.

About a month ago I realized the intersection to turn onto Shirley Drive from Lansing Ave. was closed and the only way to go would be to turn back around.

One of my Facebook friends and fellow Jackson resident, Suzy, said it takes them an extra 10-20 minutes to get home from town as well.

I know, I know, I'm not the first person (nor the last) to complain about traffic and I know you have a job to do. That's why I'm just kindly pleading you can get it done as quick as possible...I'll even do a little rain dance to try to keep your working conditions dry enough for you to push on through safely.

Specifics About the Project

FOX 47 reports you say this project is closing down another part of the road for another month, the section between Springport Road and Clark Street.

Now, I understand you have to install your "box culvert" and you told FOX 47 that the road would be detoured to Parnall Road and Lansing Avenue but gosh, that's a bummer.

However, I am hoping and praying you meet your August 26th goal.

I also totally understand that this is all part of a the project to make Interstate 94 better in the area and for that, I appreciate you!

It's a major project, FOX 47 says $120 million, and you will absolutely make driving in Jackson a lot better for everyone and when future construction projects take over our "shortcuts" like with Shirley Drive, it might be way less of an inconvenience.

All in All, Thank You For Your Hard Work

None of this is to undermine any of the hard work I know you are all doing. My boyfriend and his whole family do road work as well so I know just how important, dangerous and underappreciated it is.

Just know, it is absolutely appreciated, it's just a common problem we can all relate to here in Jackson and I hope, probably as much as you do, that this project goes smoothly for all involved!

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