Mariah Carey accidentally started a TikTok challenge.  So, how's that going?

About a week ago Mariah Carey was spotted enjoying Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio with her 11-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.  Everyone seemed to be taken aback by Mariah's choice of footwear.  I'm not sure why, everyone knows she loves wearing high heels.  In fact, when Carey played a social worker in the 2009 award-winning movie Precious, the director had a hard time getting her to NOT wear heels.

Cedar Point decided to strike while the iron was hot and create a TikTok Challenge out of the exciting moment.  A couple of days after Mariah's family made their appearance at the amusement park, Cedar Point uploaded a video of employees working in heels.  If you can't see the video below click here.

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They even tagged Miss Mariah Carey in the challenge video which lead to the following response:

Mariah Carey tikTok
Mariah Carey TikTok

The Cedar Point TikTok has been viewed around 290 thousand times so far since it was uploaded 4 days ago.  However, after doing a couple of TikTok searches, I was unable to find anyone actually doing the Mariah Carey High Heel Challenge at Cedar Point.  Which is probably for the best.  When you're walking on concrete in the heat all day, wear comfortable shoes.  Especially at an amusement park.

If you saw Mariah Carey at Cedar Point, share your photos or videos with us in the comments.  We may include them in this article.

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