Celebrities are reacting to the supposed end times of Twitter as #RIPTwitter trends amid reports that the social media platform is on its deathbed.

And of course, they're all tweeting about it.

Following reports that Twitter could collapse at any given moment Thursday (Nov. 18) due to the company having allegedly lost critical programming and engineering staff, a sort of social media mass hysteria erupted on the app last night as users shared their supposed final tweets, reminisced about the app and the friends they made along the way and shared hilarious memes about the general chaos.

As many heralded the end times of Twitter, even stars such as Mariah Carey got in on the action.

The music superstar weighed in with a simple GIF of her saying, "K bye..."

Check out more celebrity reactions, below:

Despite the memes, the panic surrounding Twitter's future comes following more serious reports about the health of the company.

Following a string of controversial layoffs, hundreds of employees resigned this week after new owner Elon Musk demanded in a company-wide memo that employees either work harder ("hardcore," in his own words) for longer hours, or leave the company altogether.

Since Musk took over Twitter in October, he has reportedly fired roughly half the company's workforce. He also scrapped the company's work-from-home option and has implemented longer hours for staff.

Musk's attempts to reshape the company have been met with mixed reception. He previously gave users the option to pay $8 to have their accounts verified, which resulted in an onslaught of fake accounts and several incidents of trolling on the platform, such as anonymous users pretending to be official accounts for large companies.

Despite the controversy and #RIPTwitter trending, Musk doesn't believe this is the end for Twitter.

"Don't wanna jinx it, but there's a chance we can keep Twitter alive," he tweeted in response to one user.

As of publishing, Twitter is still online.

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