In the western Michigan town of Hartford is a cemetery where supposedly some hairy creature has been sighted. In the rear of the graveyard is a patch of thick woods where this thing is said to reside, hide or hang out.

Apparently, there have been more sightings than just one of some weird beast in those woods.

Reports say witnesses saw some sort of creature with eyes that glowed in the dark - sometimes green, sometimes silver, back in those woods.....and whatever it was, it actually chased some nosy teenagers out of the cemetery one night.

This creature is also said to be extremely tall, large and covered in fur or hair. This  sounds like a bigfoot description.....or, if you believe other Michigan legends, maybe it's the legendary Michigan Dogman - a beast that resembles a dog/wolf/man, stands upright and has been spotted throughout the forests & deep Michigan backwoods.

So, there ya go. That's what we have to go on: flimsy, sketchy details but there could possibly be more to follow. Maybe if you have the nerve to visit that cemetery some night, you could bring back some more information: details, proof, audio, video, pictures, what-have-you.

The name of this cemetery is the Maple Hill Cemetery and lies south of Hartford alongside County Road 687. See photos above.

And if you chicken out, there's a McDonald's down the road.

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