Avas yee maties, have yee ever drempt of sailin' the high seas of Lake Huron with a crew of scalawags plunderin all yee see? Well all hands on deck because this summer be the time when all yer fantasies be comin' true. Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry will be hosting a grand event titled, "Mackinac Pirate Adventure Tour," featuring a real life pirate boat. This event be friendly for all ages.

This here vestle y'all be sailin on comes equipped with water cannons for kids as well as a bar for the real swashbucklers. They be encouraging all who come to dress as your favorite pirate and enjoy the coastline. According to their website, she be settin' sail June 19th, and sailing daily all the way through September 6. It be the start of Pirate Festival after all.

If yee be wantin' to join the crew, it be costin' adults 35 gold doubloons and the little ones 12 and under, 20. Nobody rides Good Fortune for nothin. Did yee even know that pirates are no strangers to our great lakes? Have yee not heard of the buccaneer, Calico Jack?

This pirate was around in the 1700's and plundered anything from cash boxes to entire ships. In October of 1720, Jack cruised near Jamaica, capturing many small fishing vessels, and terrorizing fishermen along the northern coastline. He came across a small vessel filled with 11 English pirates. Soon after, Jack's ship was attacked by an armed sloop and was captured. Calico and his men were brought to Jamaica, where he and nearly all of his crew were sentenced to dance the hempen jig.

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