After two recent security threats caused the Mackinac Bridge to close down, a new assessment on the safety of the bridge is being questioned by state officials, lawmakers as well as the Michigan State Police.

A full-scale physical assessment is scheduled for the bridge before the end of the year, according to the Mackinac Bridge Authority, as well as the Homeland Department of Security.

This wouldn't be the first time the bridge has been assessed. In two previous years, the bridge had a look over. There were event-specific assessments that needed to be done on the bridge, one back in 2005, the other back in 2010.

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No physical threats currently lay in place, however, with that being said, there will be a look over of the bridge and possible new threats that haven't been considered in the past.

“We cannot fully eliminate risk — we can do our best to minimize risk, we can do our best to minimize the impact caused by some of these incidents,” Michigan State Police Lt. Colonel Chris Kelenske told lawmakers.. “But it’s constantly changing and evolving...that is why we’re redoing this assessment to make sure that there aren’t any current gaps that need to be addressed.”

Two events this summer temporarily caused the bridge to close down, and had law enforcement search and check for any explosive devices.
There was a hearing to discuss how they could further protect an "important icon" here in Michigan. Also, an important cross-point between both lower and upper Michigan.
MDOT as well as the Attorney General's office are currently in contact to figure out what they can further do to make things like loitering on the bridge fineable, among other things.

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