While it can't be confirmed if it is one of the oldest homes in Lansing. It is rather up there in its age. First built in 1885, with two stories to it, you'll fall in love with the recently flipped Mid-Michigan home.

Unfortunately, this home is not currently on the market, so you can fall in love with it at a distance, much like we did.

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With two stories, and right near downtown Lansing, this is one of Lansing's oldest homes.

Take A Look Inside One Of Lansing's Oldest Homes

We can't confirm if this is the oldest home in Lansing, but it is up there. Take a tour of this remodeled home, straight out of the 1800s. While not the original home all around. It still is up there and age and was recently flipped to match a more modern society.

The designs throughout the home are astounding. Even, if they aren't all from the original house design. The up-close look at the banister shows the craftsmanship from a time that has long past.

You won't find a home as unique as this one, and if you do, then maybe you're in another retro home out of Michigan.

Open our station app and tell us how you feel about this home being flipped. There are before and after pictures floating on the internet. What you're seeing are the after pictures. The home was definitely in need of a facelift.

Some people probably would be against a home as old as this going through such a big change.

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