Ever have a wish to live in a world of dragons, fairies, and monsters? That's nice, and I can't help you there. Not unless you're willing to live inside this Ann Arbor area home.

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Go Back To A Time Long Forgotten

Okay, so maybe it isn't actually built like a castle, but you can see the medieval look to it and a design type that isn't very modernly used.

This Michigan lake house is based out of Ann Arbor with four bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Enjoy Your Own Private Lake With The Property

Not only will you also receive a ton of acreage with the property, but you will also have your own personal lake that you can use. I'm more than betting that you don't have that in your backyard.

Take a look into this Ann Arbor Castle:

Take A Look Inside This Waterfront Michigan Castle in Ann Arbor

Okay, maybe it isn't actually a castle, but it does sort of look like one, right?

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Take A Look Into This Luxurious Mansion Just Across The Lake From Michigan

Maybe you're sick of Michigan (yeah right). If you are, then maybe it's time to hop across the lake, if you can afford it, and check out this home.

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