When it comes to the National Football League, you can find the lower peninsula of Michigan rooting for our Detroit Lions, no matter how many times the team takes a loss. It's the love-hate relationship of the century.

To set the tone, it's a Sunday afternoon. You're not necessarily excited, as you know what to expect, but you're still waiting to see the team make a W.

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But, what about our Northern Michigan neighbors?

I'm going to stop you right there in your tracks if you think they're all loyal Lions fans.

Our Yooper Friends Don't Share Our Love For The Lions

If you thought that just because the Detroit Lions are a Michigan team, that our neighbors up north would root for them, you are wrong...

It seems like a majority of those who live in Northern Michigan, are actually Packers fans.

It should make sense though. Most of our Yooper friends live rather closely to Wisconsin, although not all do.

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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What Percentage Are Packers & Lions Fans?

There are no real statistical numbers on this, however, a Reddit user said that they believe it is a 60/40 percentage of those who are Packers fans to Lions fans.

Just because they're a yooper, doesn't mean they're all close to Wisconsin.

It should be noted, that we aren't calling out all Yoopers here! One Reddit user did make it clear that there is a fine line basically that is drawn when it comes to rooting for the Packers or the Lions.

Those who live up towards Iron Mountain, Escanaba are more likely to root for the Wisconsin-based team, just because they're closer to Wisconsin than Detroit. However, he personally believes that those who are from St. Ignaces may root for the Lion's because they're closer to Detroit.

Put your voice in the conversation.

Are you a Yooper? If you are, who are you rooting for?

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