Have you ever watched "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and wished you could experience seeking out and chopping down your own Christmas tree just out in the wilderness?

Of course, your experience might be a bit better than this and the State of MichiganNation and the U.S Forest Service actually has a way you can get one from one of Michigan's own national forest lands.

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Cutting Down Your Own Tree

Lots of families in Michigan have their own Christmas tree traditions, one of those being a trip to one of the many U-Cut Christmas tree farms around the state.

With Michigan being one of the top Christmas tree-producing states in the country, it would make sense that more people in Michigan would opt for live trees.

I always wished we could have a real tree growing up, but my mom and I are both allergic to pine so the artificial trees have always been the way to go.

Of course the memories are absolutely worth it and you're supporting local businesses, but what if we told you there was a way you could do it for only FIVE DOLLARS.

Michigan National Forest "Tree Tags"

According to MLive, each year, you are allowed to go out and find a Christmas tree out in the wild within one of the three-million acres of national forests that make up Michigan's landscape, courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service.

No, you can't just go out all willy-nilly and chop whatever one you want down, if you've seen "That 70's Show" you know how that worked out for the gang:

So the police actually showed up for that one, BUT, you can do it the right way and get yourself a "Tree tag" that MLive says is a "personal-use permit" and is available for $5 with online (CLICK HERE) or you can stop in at offices for each of Michigan's national forests.

MLive does note that you should check in on the rules, regulations, limits, etc. specific to the forest you are planning to find your tree at before going.

For example, at the Huron-Manistee and Hiawatha National Forests, MLive reports there is a three-tree limit per family. At the Ottawa National Forest, there is a five-tree limit. All permits for each forest are good until December 31st, 2021.

CLICK HERE for more information, links and specifics!

Where are your favorite places to pick out your tree?

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