There are two locations for Punk Taco. One is in Old Town and the other is in East Lansing. My first visit was with my friend Colin to the one in Old Town a year or so back. We both had been trying to get together for lunch and were looking for someplace different we hadn't been to. And he's a vegetarian. So we multiplied the degree of difficulty of "what do you want to eat" and "where do you want to eat" by several levels there.

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We decided to go with Punk Taco and I can't stop telling people about it. But words can't describe the atmosphere and the attack on the senses that I experienced. It was loud. Unapologetic. So different. And then we got the food. Again, words won't do it justice. You have to see and taste it. Real talk. I have posted a gallery below. Go take a look. At the menu. The descriptions. You'll be like, "they put what on a taco"? And the nachos.And the tostadas. And the salsas. Man. I highly suggest the strawberry pork nachos (depending on availability). You should try all the salsas (especially the Green Dragon). There are flavors and levels of heat to this game son! And if you're expecting fast food grade or boxed dinner taco fare here, you might as well not even walk in the door. You and your taste buds aren't ready and DON'T DESERVE PUNK TACO lol.

AND THEN they opened a East Lansing location. With a Cosmos Pizza combined.

Lucky you, they reopen that location (after closing down because of covid-19) THIS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND (Friday). With a special curbside pickup menu and family options. Peep the Facebook post below. Then drool over the gallery under that. And TREAT YOURSELF to Punk Taco.

Punk Taco East Lansing & Old Town

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