With it being Women's History Month, let's shine the spotlight on some local women who are making major moves for women in sports!

The Capital City Savages, according to the Lansing State Journal (LSJ), is an all-women football team that expanded from Flint to Lansing back in 2017 and will be kicking off their 2021 season when practices start in May.

LSJ says the team will be playing six Saturday games from May until June, though the locations of the games are to be determined.

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No matter where the games are, I really feel like this would be worth a watch. Women taking the forefront and getting out to enjoy a game that is traditionally dominated by men is something truly incredible.

Sure, there are leagues like the "Lingerie Football League" where, though women showcase absolutely incredible athleticism, it's still marketed toward men through them showing off their skin.

Understandably, that is something that is empowering to many women out there but my point here is that I absolutely love seeing a team made for women by women!

Also, I am definitely a little bit of a wuss who can't even make sure to get herself to the gym every day, so these women serve as such an inspiration.

The best part is, whether you are familiar with football and love the sport or are just now getting involved, the team offers something for all levels as illustrated by Capital City Savages defensive coach Leslie Streit.

Streit, a Manchester resident and former Detroit Demolition player, told LSJ, "The thing I like the most is teaching women something they have never done before," illustrating what she loves about coaching. "It's great to see how they develop."

While these women are bound to make history, here are some other historic accomplishments made by women to further empower you:

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