Look, I love fruit as much as the next person and any way you can make it more fun or at least creative ways to eat it but this has gone too far.

There is this trend going around TikTok called "Nature's Cereal" which, I mean, sounds like a good idea in theory because typical breakfast cereals are so packed full of sugar and "bad stuff", who wouldn't love a healthier alternative?

However, this has been referred to as a "Lewis and Clark a** breakfast" or a "medium rare smoothie" and I really can't get over it.

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Basically you just put a bunch of various berries into your bowl and pour some coconut water over it, plop a few ice cubes in there and then you just eat it like you would a bowl of cereal.

It all started from this video posted on TikTok that claims this type of breakfast has tons of health benefits and energizes you pretty instantaneously.

Naturally (see what I did there) it went viral and people everywhere are trying it...with mixed (berry) reviews...like in this thread (LANGUAGE WARNING):

I do really love the "this tastes like a daycare smells" reaction because that is exactly what I would imagine this tastes like.

Really, I feel like this would taste like someone ate fruit snacks, drank a coconut water and breathed on you.

What just really bothers me about this is that it is just an unblended smoothie...also people have been putting fruit in yogurt like this before and that is perfectly normal.

To each their own, obviously, but my goodness...I see no difference between this and just eating a fruit cup and drinking a coconut water with it. Why does it have to be this pretentious, "holistic" thing.

Maybe we can "Michigan it up" a bit and add some cherries at least but even then...I think we here in Michigan are just too good for this kind of thing.

I really don't mean to come off as a "negative Nancy" but, I don't know, if I saw my significant other eating this I would take it away from him, plug in the blender and make him what he really wants...a smoothie.

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