We are all learning new kitchen skills since we have been inside so why not learn how to pickle. In addition you can also see which surprising fruits, veggies, or other foods you can pickle.

If you have never pickled before it is quite easy as you need jars (with pop up lids to tell freshness) as well as fresh fruits or vegetables, the fresher the better. After you have your jars and fruits or veggies you will need to slice them in either discs or into strips.

After the fruits and veggies are ready you need to make your brine, and if you are looking for a basic brine use equal parts vinegar and water. You can choose any vinegar, and actually mix two vinegars together, but you want but steer clear of concentrated vinegar like balsamic. After you get all of this done, you will have to do the most difficult thing which is finding spices to put in your brine. If you want some ideas on what spices to use you can see more about it here, from thekitchn.com.

Now that you have your brine and jars ready here are some fruits and veggies you never thought could be pickled until now.

Surprising Foods That You Can Pickle

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