While COVID-19 may have limited travel plans, there are still things to do around Lansing that are fun for all ages!

For example, if you love plants or want to teach the kiddos a thing or two about them, the MSU 4-H Children's Garden is open and ready for visitors.

According to their website, the garden itself is open to visitors while also offering online versions of some of their "Garden Discovery Activities."

Open from sunup to sundown each day with free admission, the outdoor gardens are open, though the indoor gardens remain closed as well as the restrooms.

Other things that are usually available that are now not due to COVID-19, however, are: Butterflies in the Garden, Summer Family Programs, and the little train.

The gardens' website does say you are welcome to eat in the garden which means you can teach the kids about plants while enjoying a nice picnic and it's all free!

If you want to know more about programs offered, like online versions of Butterflies in the Garden, virtual garden tours and other online activities, click here!

I know I am a huge fan of botanical gardens, they are like zoos but for plants! While the coronavirus has put a lot of activities this summer at home, it does not mean we can't get out and enjoy nature.

Even the little things like visiting a cute, fun, local garden makes it still feel like you are getting out and making the most of it.

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