It's almost that time to start gardening, or at least starting thinking about it, and Michigan State is here to help you and your garden. Starting Monday and running through Thursday (April 20th-23rd), members of the Michigan State University Extension Consumer Horticulture team will talk about gardening. Along with a short talk about gardening they will also give introductions to the topic as well as discuss the fundamentals of vegetable gardening.

They will be having talks Monday-Thursday starting at Noon and it will be about 15 minutes. They are talking about these subjects: April 20 - What do vegetables need? April 21 - What should I grow? April 22 - When do I start? April 23 - How do I start seeds?

You can register through Zoom here, if you want to watch on there. They are also enabling you to watch on their Facebook page every day, just watch here.

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