There's nothing quite like a ball game at Jackson Field. The food, the baseball, the drinks, and the fireworks. It's something that even a non-baseball fan can sit back and enjoy.

On top of all that, they've even got that catchy tune you can sing along to at every home game! That catchy song, mus also equal a catchy name, right? Well, someone out there thought so!

USA Today, just ranked the Lansing Lugnuts as having the 8th best nickname in ALL of Minor League Baseball.

Very ironically though, not all of Lansing used to like the baseball teams name. There was even a poll with the Lansing State Journal at one time. It showed that 90% of fans, didn't like their current name.

However, the Lugnuts name is a piece of Lansings history, our automotive history that is. Believe it or not too, Jackson Field is one of the most accesible ballparks in this counrty.

There have been more than a few names for the team though over the years. Names included the Waterloo Diamonds, Waterloo Royals, Lafayette Red Sox, Springfield Sultans and more! However, this team actually didn't get their start here in Mid-Michigan. The team originally came out of Indiana back in 1955.

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The current Lugnut field opened back in 1996, here in Lansing Michigan. That's 25 years and more of memories here in the capital city.

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