I love lavender. As a matter of fact, I have lavender plug-ins to make my home so it smells wonderful all year long. Lavender, which is an herb, has many culinary uses. It also makes a great add on to borders and perennial gardens. It adds breathtaking color from early summer into the fall says gardendesign.com. Get ready to enjoy silver green foliage. Also, in case you're wondering, lavender is perfect for creating awesome hedges. You can also grow them for great smelling floral arrangements, sachets, and potpourri.

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Looking and Smelling Good in Lansing

Let's get ready to cruise down Clark Street in Lansing to check out the Sixteen Sprigs Lavender Farm which is something we can enjoy after being shut in from the pandemic. Fox47news.com reports,

This is a project of passion,” said Wynne Wright, the owner & chief farmer of Sixteen Sprigs. When she’s not working in her lavender garden, she’s a professor in the College of Agriculture at Michigan State University.

This is a small but beautiful lavender farm in the heart of Michigan. There are two of them to enjoy. One is on the production plot on a family farm in Ithaca. Also in Michigan there is a demonstration garden in downtown Lansing.

It is so exciting after the pandemic to have some so much to look forward to this spring and summer. There are many concerts starting to get booked, many festivals are returning, and sporting events like Tigers baseball is welcoming fans back into the stadium again. Even the kids will be returning to camp this summer. Enjoy, you deserve it.

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